From big city to small village 

I was born in A big city called ” Bangkok , Thailand ”  spent my life with 16 million people.

So I decided to write my first story how far I come from .

From city I come from

  • Bad traffic , more noisy But easy with transportation, motorbike taxi , taxi , tuk tuk, Skytrain , underground train , mini bus , public bus & boat taxi . Easy to go everywhere! 
  • 24 hours eating. Yes! I love food . In Bangkok you can eat from street food to 5 star restaurants. 
  • Shopping in Bangkok is cheap & some of copy fake staffs are not bad (same same but different)
  • The weather is warm all year  . Maximum 45 c• in April . But raining season is horrible.
  • More buildings , much people , a lots of trash on the street. But free WIFI is everywher!And now I decided to move to live in a small village in Germany.

To be continued….. 


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  1. come across to your blog reminds me to keep my blog going and going😅 I should continue writing📝 but I’m not good telling the story😂

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  2. dianapatte says:

    waiting for new write i’m falling inlove with Germany too.

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