From big city to small village part 2

Now I decided to move to small town in Germany.

Such a big thing of my life to move and live in different culture and lifestyle . About a 10 hours long flight from BKK – MUC . Germany here I come !

Where I live ……..

  • A small village that has lots of green & fresh airs .


  • so quite ! No bad traffic !
  • To go supermarket or center I need a car or bicycle. 
  • cooking by myself is a choice because here don’t have 24 hours supermarket or restaurant.
  • f*ck 4G ( LTE ) it is super fast, but if I was in middle of somewhere in the deep forest village I’m fucked up anyway . No signal!
  • Shopping is more expensive here . No Fake, original only !
  • Sommer in Germany is really warm . I love it! And I hate cold weather.
  • No English please! Speak German ! In a local small village no one understand good in English. Speak German !

So it was difficult for me in the first time . But now I loving both of my home . It doesn’t matter where I live because ” Home is where the family is ”

Still have many different staffs that I would like to continue writing for the next story .




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