Basic ingredients for Thai recipes: I used at home 

  “Not Thai food ” said no one Ever! 

  5 flavors of basic Thai food are spicy,sour,salt,sweet & bitter.The ingredients for Thai food are carefully selected or mixed together in different appetizing flavors.You need to know what kind of Thai recipes that distinctive flavor.It’s not difficult & it’s not easy.
I making Thai food with basic ingredients that I can found in my local Asia store. fast & easy !

What i need to make Thai recipes at home? 

Some of sauces i used
  • sauces: there are many typed of sauces that what i used.Fish sauce,Soy sauce,Black sauce and Oyster sauce.Fish sauce i used cooking to make it salty flavor with stir fried or curry.About Oyster sauce i used in stir fried with pork or chicken.



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Massaman curry Paste



  • Thai paste:I used thai paste for cooking curry.there are many typed of thai paste.Red curry paste,Green curry paste,Massaman curry paste and thai chill paste.its easy just added with coconut milk and palm sugar to make curry.


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  • Spices and Fresh herbs: it gives Thai food its very distinctive flavor.For garlic and onion i added in every Thai recipes.And more fresh herbs like Basil leaves,mints or coriander seeds.

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  • Rice and Noodle:Thai simple love rice.i eat rice with almost every meal i take.i used Jasmine rice for cooking.But also Thai noodle is good too.i used thai noodle to make Pad Thai,Stir fried instant noodle with pork or Mungbean noodle salad.

  • Flavored powder or Powder mix:it help me create delicious thai food so easy.I offer to make with stir fried or dressing it blends easily with other the way I used it only when i could not find some ingredients such as sweet Basil,satay sauce or spicy mint flavor.


Cayenne pepper,dried chili
  • Chili:most of Thai food are Hot and Spicy.I like to eat spicy food.Some Thai food is very spicy some is very mild,depends on how much chili I put inside.I used in stir fried or salad.

There are my basic ingredients that what i need to make Thai recipes at home.I can found it in local Asia shop.Its easy & fast.Have fun cooking Thai food at home!

Sawasdee/with love/viele GrüSSe








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