Go sit in the cactus corner: outside & inside at home

The world is full of cactus,but we don’t have to sit on it.

I  visited my Family for 3 months in Bangkok.It was so nice to see my sister again and sleep on my old bed.So 3 months i spent time at home,to clean my old staffs,clothes,teenage diary and took all trashes out from the house.Now we have more space at outside.Then we decided to plant cactus at home.

This is a beginning of a cactus planter.I and my sister were in a cactus shop and we fall in love how cute they are.We bought them back home and got a idea  “Mini Cactus Garden” for outside.The weather outside is warm enough and fit perfectly in our small place for outside.I added mini cactus in a old broken pot,and another cactus place on the old table.Our mini cactus corner outside is look nice now.

accessorized with toys and dolls

After I came back from Bangkok to Germany, I was searching cactus in the garden shop and I found mini cactus from Mexico and USA.They have more cactus here.And it is not expensive to buy. 

by garden shop “Donaumarkt garten Center ”


I bought 9 cacti back home.There are different type of cactus.There are Aloe,Bunny ears,Golden ball,Barrel,Ruby Ball and Pincushion.How cute they are!

I plant them inside the house.Because the weather outside is cold for cactus here.I decided to make a “Cactus Corner” inside my home.I place them on the wood tray next to the window so there can get bright light. Since 2 months until now there are doing good.Growing slowly and blooming so beautiful.

on a raining day

on a sunny day

It is one of my favorite hobbies now.I so excited to see them glow.I would like to introduce my cactus babies for the next time.How are they glowing and how to take care cactus at home.

Hug cactus ……………..

สวัสดี/with love/viele Grüße


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