cactus corner:9 babies cactus at home

  As I have cactus plants at home with different size and type. I searching on Internet about what types of cactus I have. It is very difficult for a beginner like me because I have no clue about it.Actually I just bought it because they are cute to decorate at home. 
So I would like to introduce my 9 babies cactus at the “cactus corner”

1. Gloden ball cactus 

Gloden barrel cactus or Echinocactus grisonii .Spines are yellowish- white and very thin acicular.flower are diurnal. Great for beginner gardeners , Full Sun and low water

2. Bunny Ear cactus 

Bunny ear cactus or Opuntina Microdasys.From Mexico and is a denizen of arid,desert like areas.water the plant when the top one inch of soil is dry.During fall and winter , water lightly only every 3-4weeks.

3. Ruby ball Red

Ruby ball or Gymnocalycium cultivar.It is two cacti in one , Green cactus with a top red on it.keep lightly shaded,the perfect spot indoor is in a sunny window and low water.

4. Cardon cactus 

Cardon cactus or Pachycereus Pringles.It is the world’s largest cactus.There are about 1200 species of cactus.All of them native to the Americas.Full sun & low water.

5. Dwarf chin 

Dwarf chin or Gymnocalycium baldianum.It is a small cactus with solitary, with 9-10 broad rips and 5-7 bristle like radial spines.Flowers are pink , orange or purple.Now o waiting it bloom in summer.Watering it when a soil is dry.

6.Chamaecereus Silverstrii 

Echinopsis Chamaecereus with yellow flowers and very thick stems. It was blooming in May but right now I though it is slow down blooming.

7. Pincushion Cactus

Mammillaria crinita is a solitary or clustering cactus with globose stem, dark green in color.The flower is funnel-shaped, yellowish white to white to very pale magenta.Please low watering.My one bloomed in April until May.What a cute cactus!

8. Aloe 

Aloe mitrifomis is offen used to popular rock simply taking leaf cuttings, letting them dry for a day or two and then planting them in light, sandy soil.

9. Aloe

Aloe aristata is a perennial evergreen species of aloe that is also known as the ‘torch plant’, as well as its common name, lace aloe. Its name is of Arabic origin, with aristata meaning ‘bearded’.They like dry conditions & water carefully.

Since 3 months I have them in my home next to the window.They are glowing slowly and doing good.I do every 2 weeks water & take them to get sun and fresh airs outside.

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Cactus corner


Thank you & hug cactus 



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