My jam jar decorating:DIY by #tiffybaekitchen

This week the weather is so horrible. Wet & cloudy all day ! Can’t chill in the garden or make a Barbecue party. 

Tiffybaekitchen got a idea to have fun inside the kitchen at home. Last week from last post I made homemade strawberry jam jars at home. They are looks pretty good. 

What better way to spend on a rainy day how to make homemade jam.

Today I made jam jar decorations to upgrade them looks more better.I bought jam jar decorations from Depot online. At the ” jam decoration corner ” , they have many of decoration styles.

What I got? 

depot online

For 12 pieces. I bought this because it’s look fresh and cute.I have 3 big glasses and 2 small glasses of jam. 

The small ones I made with “homemade ” paper style. On the top covered  with paper and tied with red ribbon. Added a “homemade sticker” on a jar.And tied a “paper tag” and “strawberry “. That I can write something on it. 

About the big glasses. I made with different materials.

The style is old fashioned jam jars.I bought a set from the shop.I putted  the fabric on the top of the covered jar.Added a rubber band first then tied with a ribbon again.

I had a fun decorating my homemade jam jar at home.And I thought I could give you some ideas to spend time in the kitchen for your own homemade jars.

Happy raining day!! 


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