Oh my Match nail polish game strong 

Love is in the air! Oh wait !

No, I smell nail polish!

Most photos on phone are “fingernails polish ” 

Why ? … Because I love nail polish and I can’t see my nails are naked. I change my nail color Every 2 weeks or when I got bored with it. So I would say that I addicted to nail polish.Since 18 years old I start paint my nail and I can’t get it enough.

Not every shade of  colors I like.But I choose nail polish colors to matching my days.How is it ?

Match my nail polish to outfits.

  • I wearing black dress and take a mini Floral glitter bag, so I pick a black glitter nail polish ( Maybelline starry night  ) to matching my outfits of the day .

  • I pick a nude color to Matching my handbag.

Match my nail polish to lipsticks.

  • This beige nude is one of my favorite color of nail polishes.And it matching my lipstick (NYX matte lip cream: London).

Match my nail polish to skin tone.

  • I am with medium skin tone ( bronze). I pick a dark brown color. I really love this color in the summer days.Tanned and brownies.

Match my  nail polish to wedding dress.

  • I pick ” white giltter blink blink” to matching my laced wedding dress. Let the blink shine and it give a bright look to my skin tone.

Match my nail polish to the seasons.”

  • It’s snowing outside! I pick a snowman nail polish ” snowing topcoat “.

  • It’s summertime! I pink again a nude color.It is a basic color and matching with Every outfits.The nude color is look very glamorous in the sun!

Match my nail polish to holiday.

  • I pick “happy new year ” for my nails. Also with giltter and paint happy new year.Make my nails sparkle and shine.

Match my nail polish to accessories.

  • But first coffee! I pick a coffee brown nail polish to matching with a cup of coffee. Sunny and coffee!

Match nail polish to the game.

  • It’s a football game season! Make my nail polish on point.Go girls!!


I pick  nail polish colors to the basic and practical or just pink a color in one way or another way that according to what I have.Most times I make my nails by myself at home.Long fingernails are not a problem for me,I can cook and  cleaning normally.Making your hands kissable!

See you Next time about ” my top 5 nail polish colors at home : cheap and good ”   

สวัสดี/with love/liebe Grüße


One Comment Add yours

  1. san says:

    Your nails game is on pointttt girl 😍👌🏼 love em



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