My summer dessert  : strawberry Tiramisu in a glass

It’s strawberry fever!? Last time I
made a homemade strawberry jam jar , this week I made a glass of strawberry tiramisu.Its strawberry season.

This is a quick and easy recipe by #tiffybaekitchen that served with a glass! For 6 people!

What I have ? 

  • Strawberries | 600 g
  • Cream | 200 g
  • Mascarpone | 1 cup
  • Egg | 1
  • Sugar | 100 g
  • Sponge finger biscuit | 1 pack
  • Amaretto | 5 spoons
  • Vanila sugar | 1 spoon
  • Strawberry sauce (dressing)


How to ?

  • Chop strawberries to small pieces.
  • Beat cream | mascarpone | Vanila sugar with a mixer untill soft.
  • Beat eeg and sugar  in another bowl untill it thick and creamy.
  • Now put eeg mixture in into mascarpone mixture | added Amaretto 5 spoons | mixed together.
  • Cut biscuits to small | place them into based glasses.
  • Place strawberries into the glasses | added little bit of strawberry sauce.

  • Place the mascarpone mixture into the glasses over strawberriesProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset
  • And the last top , pour the strawberry sauce on the top | small pieces of biscuits again
  • Place strawberry tiramisu glasses in the fridge for 1 hour.

It’s summery desserts for a weekend or holiday.I love to making treats. Tiffybaekitchen ! 

With love….


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