The perfect summer treat:Ice cream in my hand

Life is like ice cream,enjoy it before it melts.

I love for food , desserts and ice cream.I have an ice cream in my hand every time I go out.But I go only with one flavor is “Chocolate”!

chocolate cone by itimlaamoon
There are many flavors of ice cream, but I only eat chocolate ice cream.
chocolate ice cream by stick home
An ice cream cone is the perfect summer treat.There’s nothing like a refreshing scoop of chocolate on a hot summer day and eating ice cream makes me feel like a child again.So every time I see an ice cream shop,I run into it and only buy “one chocolate ice cream ” 
chocolate cone by Florenz
chocholate cone at Christmas market
So I actually tried many types of icecream  like with waffle cone,in a cup and in a bread.All of them are good.
chocolate bread in italy

chocholate cup with brownnie and bananas
It is a easy way to enjoy a good day that have an ice cream in my hand.
extra chocolate cone
Have you ever seen anyone eating ice cream and not smile??? For me ice cream makes me smile.

Buy me an icecream and enjoy a summer day ! ……. 

With love ….. 


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