The Gartenschau in Germany (Summer garden festival)

It’s finally summer in Germany! More activities to do, Ice cream eating  and cold beer drinking.

I was in the summer garden festival in Regensburg. There is a summer garden show,about  flowers,and all about garden decorations.

The Gartenschau in Germany  or (summer garden shows) is setup in the summer time between middle of June.I was in Regensburg, it’s located in the residence of Thurn und Taxis.

The castle is look very nice with a big garden around.You also can visit inside the castle by guides.But I have not been yet inside because I only been there for Christmas market and garden market.

There were many people hangout here to look around for the garden.There are about 200 small tents for shopping and eating.

There have many different staffs,all about garden furnitures,garden decorations and homemade cooking  and more about flowers show.

The price is not that cheap because most of them are made of woods or designed for the garden.

Eveything with nice decorations and interesting.This festival is good for the family day or who loves gardening.The gartenschau is a nice summer festival to visit.And this one that I visited in Regenburg,Thurn und Texis palace with beautiful views and walking around in the nice garden.It is  a nice place to visit on a warm day.

Before I got back home. I visited the Crêperie truck and bought one Nutella crepe for 4 Euro.It was a nice day .

Crêperie truck
4 euro Nutella crepe

With love …… 

see you @ myhome 


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