Spicy instant noodle salad :quick Thai dishes at home 

Oh Thai food is one my favorite dishes! But I can’t cook Thai food at home.There are many ingredients and ten sauces for cooking. ( check my story before about Thai ingredients you need at home) 

Today I will tell you a Easy Thai dish you can cook at home.

#tiffybaekitchen :Spicy instant noodle salad 

  • Instant noodle (Tom yum Gung) from Asia shop 
  • Shrimp party (cooked aready) 1 small pack
  • Frankfurter sausages slide 
  • Onion slide | 1 
  • Tomatoes slide 
  • Lemon | 1
  • Fish sauce | 1 spoon 
  • Sugar | 1 ts 
  • Mints for decorations 

You can add more what you like.If you don’t like meats or seafood , also can add only veggies too.

How to : 

  • Boiled water in a middle pot (or what you have ) wait until water cooked 
  • Add sausages | shrimp | in the boiled water 

    • Slide onion and tomatoes (0r more carrot,beans or cashews) 

    • About instant noodle you have to boiled it only for 2-3 minutes ( scoop them and set aside)

    To make sauce : in A bowl 

    Add flover powers (instant noodle power inside the package) in the bowl 

    • Chilies powder and Thai paste add all of them in the bowl 

    • Add fish sauce 1 spoon | half of lemon | sugar 1 tspoon
    • Add boiled sausages|shrimps in  the bowl
    • Add slided onion | tomotoes 
    • Add boiled instant noodle in the bowl 
    • Mix eveything together throughly and then ready to serve !

    I cooked for 20 minutes to this recipe.I like to mix eveything in the one time.All in one bowl!

    So I would like to share a Thai recipe that I cook in a rush hour. That you also can cook Thai food at home.#tiffybaekitchen check it on Instagram…

    Have a nice day 



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