Thai lemon iced tea : X summertime in Germany 

Welcome to summertime in Germany.I really happy to enjoy lay down under the sun,ride with my bike in the late evening and wear my hot pants with tank top.

I‘m come from Thailand that the weather are Warm , hot and super hot and I used to it.The weather in Germany is too cold for me  but it’s super nice in the summer .

By the way I brought Thai tea from Thailand back to Germany.Because it brought me back to thoes Thailand summer days of sipping Thai ice tea at the local street.

I not found any good that tea in the Asian store yet.That why I brought from Thailand that better and cheaper back to Germany .

Thai tea or Thai Iced tea is popular iced drink from Thailand.It made from strongly brewed black tea. What #tiffybaekitchen making  today?


♦ Thai Lemon Iced Tea♦


What I need?

  • Water
  • Sugar or honey or sugar syrup 
  • Fresh lime or lime juice 
  • Ice 
  • Thai tea mix (this one is the original taste)


How to ?

  • Boli water in a small pot
  • When the water has boiled,turn off the heat and add Thai tea mix 
  • Wait for 5 minutes 
  • Take the tea bag out 
  • Add sugar 2 spoons (more when you like more sweet) and stir to combine 
  • Add lime juice 1-2 spoons and stir  
  • Wait it untill cool it down 
  • Add tea into the pitcher , add fresh lime into the pitcher then stir together.
  • Pour over a glass of ice.

I really enjoy my Thai iced tea drink in the summer days in Germany.I can make it at home and can add more milk to make Thai milky tea or honey to make hot Thai tea in the winter. (Next recipes )

  • Thai tea mix ( number one brand ) you can buy every supermarkets in Thailand, some Asian stores in Germany. 

With love 



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