Hometalk:My top 6 places to watch the sunset.

I never met a sunset I didn’t like.

I would like to watch the sunrise but I’m not a morning person. So most of my best things to end up my day is watching the sunset.

Here my top 6 places to watch the sunset.

  • Wat Arun temple, Bangkok.The temple is across the Chao Praya River.It is the best place to watch sunset in Bangkok,Thailand.

  • Koh Chang Island,Thailand.I was there for my first time and I really inlove with the view of island.I took this photo from the viewpoint up on the mountain.A stunning sunset that left me feeling relexed.

  • Hometown,Thailand.I took this photo from my hometown.No buildings there ,no stress and very far away from the city.It like a magical.

  • Gardasee,Italy.I was so impressed with the views.The view of sunset at the lake with rocks and coast.I was in the seafood Italy restaurant with a good wine.

  • Berlin,Germany.I think from over here I can see the sunset very close.It was in the late evening around 21.30 o’clock but It was still so bright ou side.

  • Bayern,Germany.The place where I live and I love to watch it everyday.The sky turns so many different shades as the sun sinks behind the horizon.It looks so stunning everyday.

I like to end up my day with the beautiful sunset.I never met a sunset that I don’t like!

With love



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