My postcard from Innsbruck 

” we drove a car 300 km from home to Innsbruck ” 

I was woke up early in the morning and prepared my staffs to make one day trip with husband to Innsbruck, Austria.

We drove 3 hours from Bavarian Germany to Innsbruck about 300km.

We were in the old center town.I like the view of city,it looks very amazing with the Alps mountain behind it.

But I think they are not many shops for shopping here. I was at  the Main Street and ate a icecream.

I got lucky about the weather.It was warm and sunshine.I was there for 1 hour because my husband had to stay here but I had to drive back home.I think Innsbruck is a nice beautiful city with a amazing view.It is a good place to make a holiday.There are many things to do here,kayaking,cable car sightseeing,mountain bike or city tour. 

I got my  photo postcards from Innsbruck back home. 

With love 



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