The Gäubodenvolksfest in straubing Part 2


11 Days the beer festival was a blast! 

From last time I posted about the parade in Straubing.The Gäubodenvolksfest in Straubing in one of the largest Volksfest in Germany.It right there where I live!I was in the Gäubodenvolksfest 2016 all 11 Days.This years had many people was here.

I wore a traditional costume called “Dirndl” and hang around with the beer mug around in the beer tent. There are seven beer tents serve only breweries from Strubing or district Strubing – Bogen.I had not been all the beer tents because it was hard to find the table.I was one of the famous beer tents is Reisinger.It was full of people out here.I started with 1 mug beer then 2 then 3 and Im done!

in the beer tent


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Dirndl (Dirndl Trachtenmode Wirkes)


So Outside there are many attractions.The roller coster,Bavarian Big wheel,Carousels and Bavarian and international food and beverages.I rode the Carousels and old school Bavarian wheel.After that I walked around and tasted all the Bavarian foods.

no beer but wine

This was not my first time in the Gäubodenvloksfest there but every year I had new feelings always fun and happy in the fun fair.

I could not get it enough but 11 Days was crazy party,enjoyed foods and drank lot of beer mugs out there.Once time when you be inside the beer tent , drink all day hold my beer all night!




#with love



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