Berlin : here I come

From the south to the north! Berlin here I come.

It was not my first time in Berlin but it was my first lately summer days out here.It was warm and sunny.What a good time alone in Berlin.

5 days in Berlin was enough for me.I have been in the center ” Alexsander platz ” it was crowded of  people around there and I though so many tourist traps but it’s  interesting. Where have I been all day ? 

  • Alexanderplatz 

I have been there for shopping and eating. There is a central Mitte district of Berlin.The central location has always ensured that Alexanderplatz was used as the most important landmark of Berlin. This honor is largely due to the Fernsehturm (or TV-Tower) which is located directly next to Alexanderplatz. So please check in!

  • Berliner Dom 

I was check in at the Berliner Dom.(Oberpfarr- und Domkirche von Berlin) The Cathedral of Berlin is the largest church in the city.I took photo of the views and walked around the park.It look so beautiful and good vibes around with nice coffee shops.I like the views here but here kinda much of tourists traps, everything is double price more than normal one, people come to me with a sign donating for 10 Euro! , people try to catch up me  with a 12 Euro guide day tour. So it was not comfy around there.

  • Potdamer Platz 

I took a Normal bus for 2.70 Euro to another side down of the Brandenburg Gate about 15 minutes. Potdamer Platz is an important public square traffic intersection in Berlin.I have been in the big shopping mall ”  Arkaden”

Inside the shopping  mall have many brand shops.I shopped some autumn clothing and was in the Berlin shop.I got 2 postcard and found a funny car here.

  • The Berlin bear 

There are many bears everywhere in Berlin, standing around with their hands in the air with different colors and patterns. I found 10 bears, so when you are in berlin not go find Pokemon ,Go for berlin Bear.

I have been many tourist attractions like Berlin Wall, Cheakpoint Charlie and Museums.It was a good time alone here. Beside sightseeing and shopping in Berlin I found many good food berlin spots! to be continued…..

with love



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