Autumn Bathtub: ladynight at home

Get naked! at home 

Autumn is here.Bring on the turning leaves, cozy sweaters and that nostalgic chill.

One of favorite things about Fall.I take a hot bathtub at home,soak and relex.Last mondaynight I spent my time in the hot bathtub with the saltbath via Tetesept.


Before I went into the bath I made a glass of strawberry Margarita more Taquila inside.Then Filled the tub with warm water and added Tetesept saltspa inside.

This saltbath is very interesting.It was turn pink in the tub.It made from fruits like beeres I think.It small pretty good and it melted so fast.

By the way I would like to guide you How long you shuld spend in the tub.

  • Soak time: 15-20 minutes. Relaxation Sprinkle 3-5lb of sea salt into the water and mix in well for a thoroughly relaxing bath. The cooler the water and the shorter the time spent in the bath, the more it acts as a tonic, says Grant.

  • Soak time: 10-20 minutes. Insomnia “A cold foot bath is absolutely brilliant if you’re insomniac or just sometimes have trouble sleeping,” says Grant. Soak your feet until they start to feel uncomfortably cold. This treatment is also useful for constipation, nose bleeds, tired feet and colds.

  • Soak time: 10-20 minutes.


    If you’re really stressed out, a cold bath can be the perfect answer – but they’re only for the very brave and those in robust health. The temperature needs to be 55-65F, or 12-18C, says Grant. ‘Cold baths are fantastic if you’re full of tension. They do the opposite of hot baths as they thin the blood and increase blood sugar levels.’


    I spend the most time like 20 minutes and then take cold shower for 5 minutes.This hoe I spend my time in the Fall time.I can keep body warm and soft skins.And I make it without stresses.Its a perfect ladynight at home.Does not matter alone or with lover.Autumn bath is the best way to do it at home.

with love




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  1. Bee says:

    I’m so glad the fall have finally arrived, great post come check out my blog at


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