Tiffybaekitchen : spooky Halloween at home 

Happy Halloween out there 

Omg ! It’s the end of October.How was your Halloween party? 

Tiffybaekitchen made a Halloween party with family at home and it was a nice one .This year my Halloween costume was WITCH please! 

And witch better with “spooky Halloween decorations “. My theme were black and orange color. I made my dinner table looks like “witch’s dinner ” in the castel. I bought all staffs from Depot shop.

Just keep it creepy enough with spiderweb, pumpkins,monster candy box , black and orange papers and Autumn leaves.

Trick or treat? 

Tiffybaekitchen recipes for the creepy night.

  • Witch soup

It’s a pumpkin soup with chili.

  • Spider web nachos 

  • trick or treat strawberry 

It’s strawberry covered with dark chocolate.

  • Bloody eyeball 

It’s red wine mixed with sparking water.

I cooked for the easy and quick dinner at home. It was tasty creepy dinner. I hope this brings you to the Halloween party at home.

Happy Halloween!



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