Out of the concrete jungle: #baeintothenature 

Every time you see concrete jungle , you must find open spaces. When you find open spaces make it so people can get to them . 

I went out of the city to the nature for a couple days. From Bangkok to Surin (  one of the northeastern provinces of Thailand) 7 hours driving with the bus. So I came visit my parent and back to my home sweet home for a long holiday. #Baeintothejungle hashtag on IG.

It was a great time at home with family. I woke up and saw this views front of my house.It is not a big house but I am glad to be here.No stressing and just relex the days. 

My house here is a property with garden and chill out area were I can relax in the hammock, drink coconut water and coffee and cook outside.

Fresh coconut water
Coconut ice cream

I hope you have a great weekend and Happy new year 2017 ! See you at my home … 

place : Surin , Thailand 



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