Homemade : my 5 days detox water 

What is Detox water ?? 

It is water that drink to help detox your body  

It is a perfect way to help you… easy at home. 


So I made it in different recipes at home by myself and it was pretty good, I didn’t really drink much water in the day. I found out this detox are tasty, refreshing, help lose weight and keep your body free from of toxins. 
I added different fruits to my water but the most I go for ” lemon” to detox and boost myself. 

  • Monday – start your day like lemon – watermelon 

  • Tuesday – no stress cuz fruits filled rainbow 

  • Wednesday – yellow refreshing 

  • Thursday – before it’s Friday 

  • Friday – ready for the weekend 

Drinking infused water is more tasty ! You can add your favorite fruits to your water. Healthy you can make it at home. 



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