Breakfast Greek yogurt bowls : brighten your morning 

I woke up like this ! No matter what your job is , whatever you put in long hours at the classroom or do staffs at home, so but first BREAKFAST or COFFEE. 

Here are healthy breakfast yogurt ideas to start your day right. 

First of all you will need : your favorite kind of yogurt. I go for Greek yogurt because it is packed with protein yet low in lactose and has many more benefits. 

  • Greek yogurt with granola and fruits 

I added granola with kiwi inside my bowl. My favorite granola from Diamondgrains , there have many choices and taste good. Chocolate granola and honey peanut are my favorites. Here more ideas….. 

  • Greek yogurt with granola or Muesli 

This recipes are easy to go.You just give a bowl a bit of crunch. Adding granola , cereal or muesli into my breakfast bowl every morning. 

There are many benefits to eating Greek yogurt, just add your favorite fruits and feel free to get creative into your breakfast bowl at home.

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