10 summer ice-cream ideas : you can’t be sad when you’re eating 

” You can’t be sad when you’re eating Ice cream ”

ไม่เคยนั่งเศร้า เวลาเรานั่งกินไอศกรีม..

First post of SUMMER in 2017 I would like to start with ” ice cream ” theme . There are many delicious ways to make icecream at home. #tiffybaekitchen today go for …

10 summer ice cream ideas that you can make at home ! 

  • Easy ice cream bowl with whipped cream 

  • Fancy ice cream bowl with banana choc

  • Honey toast topping ice cream 

This one I wrote the recipe old post. Honey toast chocolate ice cream . You can check it out. It take around 15 minutes to make it.

  • Waffle mountain ice cream 

  • German pancake day ice cream 

– German pancake / Dutch baby it is made with eggs , flour sugar and milk.

  • Mini croissant ice cream 

  • Sandwich butter bread ice cream 

This one is my favorite because it’s easy and bring me happiness!

  • Cookie sandwich ice cream 

  • Creamy ice cream summer drinks 

I mixed chocolate icecream 2 scoops | whipped cream and milk 100 m. It’s taste so amazing! Chocolate banana recipe .

  • Fresh apples magnum ice cream 

Last one I just got vanilla magnum and made it fancy with fresh apples and whipped cream. It was fancy enough to make it easy at home.

No worry be happy with your ice cream !Here are my 10 ice cream ideas for hot days at home . I trying to creative more and I hope you enjoy this #tiffybaekitchen ! Coming up more cuz

It’s summer time…… 



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